For over 25 years Margaret Bodell has been a pioneer in the movement of inclusion in the artworld and championed creative vocations for persons with disabilities. She has launched and developed community based galleries and projects in coordination with city, state and national organizations.


Margaret Bodell has founded several galleries that have been at the forefront of the art scene and is internationally recognized for presenting artists from the contemporary mainstream alongside work by self-taught artists. Bodell also help found Goods NYC an artisan store selling products from studio programs nationwide, Pure Vision Arts, NYC and Brooklyn’s LAND gallery, all of which provide exhibition opportunities and mentorship for persons with disabilities who whish to pursue creative careers.


Bodell currently works to broaden the scope of corporate collecting to feature art from underserved populations. Working with VSA in 2008 she helped produce Renesence, a groundbreaking exhibition of New Media by Artists with Disabilities at the World Financial Center, NYC. Currently she is working on the curation of Adaptations a touring show, which features artists who make work about disabilities. For the artists in the exhibition Adaptation, disability has not been a stumbling block to overcome. Rather it has been a springboard to creativity. Bodell is also co-founder of Umbrella Arts in NYC, an intimate art space known for it’s high quality shows and special events.


Margaret works with non-profit organizations, municipalities, private sector, developers and creatives to organize cultural productions that include a wide range of participants exploring art and creative collaboration.